“The biggest problem facing businesses today is the lack of employee engagement and leadership capability. And for business to play a bigger role in addressing societal issues, we need to strive towards 100% employee engagement by helping employees connect to their passion and find meaning at work”

Leadership Stories

Do You Know Your Personal Leadership Boundaries?

Recently a friend was sharing the challenges of dealing with a very over bearing and uncompromising stakeholder. This made me think of a time when I came across a stakeholder who was challenging to deal with. In my mind, I used to judge him for not supporting my...

Can Great Customer Service Improve Employee Engagement?

As I listened to Kaitlin Stoddard from HubSpot share the biggest lesson she has learnt as a Customer Centric Leader, I realised that there can be nothing more engaging for employees and leaders in organisations than great customer service - be it for internal...

Are You An Empathetic Leader?

As I was watching this short video by Dr. Linden Brown who is speaking at our Customer Centric Leadership conference, I was reminded about the importance of empathetic leadership. Having lived in India for many years, I sympathised with the millions of people living...

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