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A leadership movement dedicated to creating highly engaged and purposeful businesses

“The biggest problem facing businesses today is the lack of employee engagement and leadership capability. And for business to play a bigger role in addressing societal issues, we need to strive towards 100% employee engagement by helping employees connect to their passion and find meaning at work”

Humanity in Business is a leadership movement that creates purposeful businesses

We are the event & consulting partner among Australian leaders who want to educate, inform & advise their stakeholders, employees, customer on how to create purposeful & sustainable businesses

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How Do You Manage Fear in Your Leadership?

As an early stage entrepreneur, cash flow is a bit like a roller coaster ride. I’m taking steps to remedy that but in the meantime, that’s the way it is. As I reflect more on it, I realise that running out of cash is my biggest fear!  And it has been so since I jumped into HiB full […]

Can Great Customer Service Improve Employee Engagement?

As I listened to Kaitlin Stoddard from HubSpot share the biggest lesson she has learnt as a Customer Centric Leader, I realised that there can be nothing more engaging for employees and leaders in organisations than great customer service – be it for internal or external customers. Why? I believe we exist in this world to serve others and that’s what […]