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Humanity in Business is a leadership movement that creates purposeful businesses

We are the event & consulting partner among Australian leaders who want to educate, inform & advise their stakeholders, employees, customer on how to create purposeful & sustainable businesses

I don’t think our fiduciary duty is to put shareholders first. I say the opposite. What we firmly believe is that if we focus our company on improving the lives of the worlds citizens and come up with genuine sustainable solutions, we are more in synch with consumers and society and ultimately this will result in good shareholder returns.

Paul Polman

CEO, Unilever

The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.

Richard Branson

CEO, Vigin Group

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Leadership Stories

Why is Purposeful Leadership Needed to Lead Change?

So why is purposeful leadership important? I believe there is nothing more fulfilling in life than having a purpose. That’s why we love to give and help others. That’s why we give money to worthy causes. And that’s why parents find having children so rewarding, inspite of all that lack of sleep! Having a clear purpose and mission has helped […]

How Do You Manage Fear in Your Leadership?

As an early stage entrepreneur, cash flow is a bit like a roller coaster ride. I’m taking steps to remedy that but in the meantime, that’s the way it is. As I reflect more on it, I realise that running out of cash is my biggest fear!  And it has been so since I jumped into HiB full […]

Do You Know Your Personal Leadership Boundaries?

Recently a friend was sharing the challenges of dealing with a very over bearing and uncompromising stakeholder. This made me think of a time when I came across a stakeholder who was challenging to deal with. In my mind, I used to judge him for not supporting my initiatives or always questioning them. I felt very intimidated when […]

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