I caught with Steven Pozel, who is former CEO of the Australian Design Centre and will be speaking at the Authentic  Leadership conference

I asked him in this video what authentic leadership meant to him and what was the biggest lesson he had learnt as a leader.

As I thought about our conversation, I realised how important it was for leaders to find time for themselves and for their teams to reflect. “Creating space” is critical to generate new ideas to complex challenges and yet we are more busier than ever!

When I look back at all the ideas I’ve come up with, most of them came to me whilst meditating, taking an extended walk in the park at lunch time or walking by the beach. Ideas come when I’m NOT working! None of my great ideas came sitting in front of the computer! Even Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, schedules in reflection time in his diary to help him process his thoughts.

So with all this talk about innovation and creativity in the workplace, how do you find time to let ideas flow? How do you find time for your team to reflect and be inspired to generate new ideas? Do you create time to play and have fun so there is less pressure on ‘doing’ and more on ‘being’?