I asked one of our other speakers Mark Bilton (ex)MD of Gloria Jeans Coffee and MD of Thought Patrol to share his perspective on authentic leadership in a short video which you can view here.

Listening to Mark made me really reflect on creating a culture of honour. I had mentioned in my earlier post how I wished I had a closer relationship with my father and because I rarely got to spend time with him growing up, I only chose to see the side of him which I didn’t like. All his friends would tell me what a great guy my dad was and his sense of fairness in business.
Until I understood myself better, I was not able to honour or acknowledge him for his part in making me the leader I am today. Since his passing, I have now learnt to honour and acknowledge his great qualities which I have adopted.

This process also helps remind me of the importance of honouring the great work that my stakeholders do with their teams
and clients. As I write this, I realise that HiB is about honouring great leaders and thinkers who truly care about people in the workplace.  To create a culture of honour in the workplace, all our contributions need to be acknowledged and great leaders are doing it with their teams and stakeholders all the time.

So how do you honour your team or stakeholders?  Do you acknowledge their contribution in meetings or emails? And if so, how often?

There is no such things as too much acknowledgement!