About Humanity In Business.

According to Gallup State of the Global Workplace Survey only 13% of employees are engaged at work! In spite all the people development initiatives in place within organisations, employee engagement still remains an issue.

We believe the biggest issue faced by business executives today is the lack of employee engagement and therefore the root cause of all challenges faced by organisations. Without a highly engaged workforce, businesses will not be able to create sustainable competitive advantage or meet the challenges faced by disruption.

And to create highly engaged organisations we need inspiring leaders.

We need leaders who truly care about their teams and stakeholders. We need leaders who are authentic and real.

We need leaders who know their values and their purpose.

And most of all, we need leaders who believe business can take a more active role in making the world a better place Our mission is to help companies achieve 100% employee engagement. We do this by:

a) A brand that tells stories of great leaders who are creating highly engaged workplaces and sustainable business outcomes.

b) Programs that build the leadership capability of senior executives and their teams so they understand how their values impact business outcomes.

c) Help leaders and teams find meaning at work.


What if every business in the world was led by a leader like Richard Branson?

What if every employee in the world was passionate about their work and found meaning in what they do?

What if every business was on a mission to make the world a better place and made money by doing so?

Our vision is to create a global brand that stands for great leaders creating purposeful organisations.

Our Values:

Authentic Communication:

We walk the talk . If we say we will do something, then we will do it – our word is our contract.

100% Responsibility:

We take full responsibility for our words and actions. In every challenging situation with another, we take responsibility for what we have done to create it.


We trust others unless proven otherwise.


We exist to serve the values aligned business community to help them showcase their thought leadership


We collaborate with our stakeholders and help them build sustainable and trusted business relationships with each other.

HiB Leadership Manifesto


We are on a mission to change the perception of the role of business leadership.

The business leader of the future is one that inspires teams with a mission to make the world a better place.

The new leader is all about helping teams be they best they can be, helping stakeholders succeed first and using the power of business to address problems faced by the communities they serve.

We will keep telling stories of great leaders who are creating great places to work and how they are contributing to society.

We are creating a media machine that educates the world about what it takes to be a great business leader, who they are and how they can make the world a better place through their businesses.

By changing the perception of what great business leaders are expected to do  we raise the bar of what the world expects from them.