Muneesh Wadhwa (Founder)

I am the Founder of Humanity in Business.  I believe businesses have a higher purpose beyond just profit and need to play a bigger role in making the world a better place.  To create purposeful organisations, my mission is to support purposeful  leaders improve employee engagement by helping employee find passion and meaning in the workplace through our inspirational events. I’m passionate about telling stories of great leadership to inspire the business community to find a higher purpose beyond profit.

Peter Smith, CEO

Peter comes from a background of facilitation and coaching for Fortune 500 companies and the United Nations around the world. He is called in on mission critical assignments to help leaders and teams solve big problems and make great decisions for their business operations. He now brings this global outlook to Humanity in Business to drive Shared Value for all the stakeholders involved.

Simon Rutherford, Adviser & CEO, Slingshot Media

From the ages of 18 to 60, working humans spend most of their waking lives at work, so as business leaders we have a huge responsibility to provide a safe place to learn and grow, and to teach those under our care about values, new skills and to help develop them both professionally and personally. It’s actually not just a responsibility….it’s an honour and a privilege

Vaughn Richtor, Adviser, NED and (ex)CEO ING Direct

I believe that we have long since moved past the notion that a firm exists to simply maximise profits or TSR. Financial results are the outcome of initially doing something good for customers; where are employees are critical to that we cannot expect them to deliver their best unless we also help them to achieve their ambitions in life; and, given that we do our work in society we must seek to deliver positive value to the community as a whole.