Customer Centric Leadership

15th March 2017 – Vibe Hotel – 111 Goulburn St Sydney.

Leveraging the leaders story at the centre of the customer journey. 

Leaders Stories

Hear from leaders connecting their internal stakeholder to the customer needs

Defining your business purpose

Empathy and engagement in the age of customer centricity

Building the Customer Experience

Learn how customer centric leadership brings all your stakeholders together

Creating Sustainable Business Outcomes


For decades, customers of large corporations have been resigned to receiving mediocre customer service from some of the largest brands in the business. In the search for constant revenue growth and improved efficiencies, organisations seem to have forgotten to art of customer care and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Most companies have every intention of delivering great service to their clients but seem to have overlooked the fact that it is extremely challenging to have happy customers if you don’t have the leaders and a culture that is passionate about helping clients.

Thanks to digital disruption, large organisations are scrambling to improve how they engage with the customers to meet challenges from highly innovative and nimble start ups.

We believe that without a great culture and great leadership, true customer centricity is simply a great concept.

So how are organisations transforming the way they engage their customers? What is the change in mindset required to be more responsive to customers? How are they aligning internal and external stakeholders to demonstrate authenticity?

Each of the presenters will be in discussion with our hosts, Vaughn Richtor, exCEO of ING Direct and Silvia Kmetova, Principal, Bright Cherry, for the day to ensure a series of engaging conversations.

Hear what our guest speakers are thinking about customer centricity.

Dr Linden Brown, Chairman, MarketCulture Strategies at the Customer Centric Leadership conference

John Simeone, Head of Business & Govt Sales, Qantas, Customer Centric Leadership March 15
Kaitlin Stoddard, Services Team Lead, HubSpot Customer Centric Leadership March 15
Michael Ellies, CEO, Smartsalary, Customer Centric Leadership Conference, March 15
Silvia Kmetova, Founder, Bright Cherry, Customer Centric Leadership, March 15
Chris Kenny, Head of Customer Experience, ING Direct Customer Centric Leadership, March 15

Customer Centric Leadership

In todays P.A.I.D. (Pressure/Always On/Information Overload/Deadline) driven world the attention economy is what differentiates your business from any others. The question is: does your leadership demonstrate the kind of attention to your staff that will, in turn, devote their resources to the customer. This is customer centricity, from the inside out.

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