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Change Leadership 2017

18 October

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Change Leadership 2017
October 11

Change is Changing

In our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, now, more than ever, the way we manage change is changing.

What was once an abstract process of positioning levers and ticking boxes to manage the change has now become a process of leader led transformation.

A good analogy is the notion of Art over Science. If the Science of change was all about good governance of the change, standardising the process’ and sticking with the discipline of the change process, then the Art of Change is something else altogether.

The Art of Change is leader led. In the past the OD function, or the project change function, largely held by IT, bore a lot of the change responsibility.

Now, the focus is on how the leader in the business can, and should, drive the change imperative. This is where the Art of Change comes in.

Does your leadership team have the trust of the people to lead through the change; are they values led; and do they have the engagement of their people; enough so the change is managed with respect to the Humanity in Business?

It is through this lens that Humanity in Business is bringing together an event that helps you, and your leadership team, manage, and lead, the Art of Change.

Guest Speakers

Muneesh Wadhwa

Humanity in Business

Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Humanity in Business

Event Program

9:00 – 9:15am

Opening Address. Muneesh Wadhwa. Founder – Humanity in Business.

Muneesh will offer his perspective on change from his time leading round tables for the CIO network. He will also indicate the change imperative for organisations building purpose into their business model.

9:15 – 9:45am

Event Facilitation. Peter Smith. CEO – Humanity in Business

Peter will be guiding the group learning by facilitating round table discussion and and the event learning objectives delegates are seeking for the day. He will also share his perspective from leading large scale change initiatives for Multi-nationals around the globe over the last 10 years.

9:45 – 11:00am

Change Leadership – The old way is dead. The future demands a new way of leading people during changing times. Chantal Patruno, Director Blue Seed Consulting.

We’ll be exploring the three key ‘players’ in any organisational system that work to make change happen – Change Architects, Change Enablers, Change Makers. Our panel of business leaders will share stories related to our respective change agenda’s, our personal styles and motivations, and how things go wrong. And from these multiple perspectives, sharing what we’ve learned and how we have (and always can) step up to lead change with wisdom and agility.

Some big ideas and funny stories you can expect to hear about:

  • What is a change intelligent organisational system?
  • What’s the best change approach – nudging people into or out of their comfort zone?
  • What really gets in the way of sustainable business change success?
  • Have we lost the human-ness of leading humans through change? Could bots do this job?
  • Taking a systems approach to getting change right and lifting change maturity, capability, and capacity as we go

Expect to be wholeheartedly included and involved in these discussions as we explore different perspectives with a bit of storytelling and a dash of competitive fun. Bring your left and right brain, your mobile device and shining eyes to this session.

How is Change Changing?

As the 4th industrial revolution quickly propels us forward into new ways of living and working I observe change beneficiaries (end users, receivers of change) with diminishing tolerance of slow, uncompelling and poorly executed change.

Quite rightly, they (the people in businesses who are the only ones who actually make change happen) are demanding to be involved with and led through change by change intelligent leaders. To that end, my attention is wholeheartedly on these ‘change makers’ and enabling intelligent Change Leadership. The world needs exceptional change leadership now more than ever.

11:00 – 11:20am

Morning Tea

11:20am – 12:00pm

Kirryn Zerna, Speaker and Communications Consultant

Turbulent times are the large-scale, irreversible and abrupt alterations your organisation will experience as a result of change. No two people are the same, so your employees will respond differently to turbulence. The question is how can you rally your leaders and teams, not just to survive but thrive in turbulent times? This practical session will look at the global examples of adaptive cultures, and will unpack what you can apply in your own context today.

Change is changing because… progress is increasing exponentially over time, all the time

Need Activity based session here.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Dr Anat Hassner. Woolworths Transformation Lead

In conversation with Peter Smith Dr Hassner will answer questions regarding her experience on the failings of change management.

“What happens when change management doesn’t change?, In this enlightening interview Dr Hassner will share the story of her work across multiple significant Australian business changes and reveal how change management is ripe for disruption because of it’s inherent flaws. A necessary and provocative discussion about the nuts and bolts of real change and how transformation is more easily measured

2:45 – 3:30pm

Change is changing because… Arash Dadras, Director, Smart Global Systems

The current practices in technology-driven transformations typically ignore the human factors! It seems human is the slave of change!

During the design and planning phase of each project, processes are reviewed and analysed and suitable technologies are assessed. However, the user adoption and capabilities are ignored. It is expected that the workforce and the users just become robots and adopt the new processes and systems with a few trainings provided to them. No surprise that 70% of Change Initiatives Fail!

In our recent work for one of our clients, we came across a similar situation. In an attempt to improve their cyber security, they focused heavily on their Security Policies and Processes!! There was however limited improvement observed in the organisation. With a change of approach and further focus on the role of people in the planning and implementation, we managed making a major leap in improving their security posture. We changed the approach from a process driven approach (having policy documents) to a capability driven approach which involved people’s adoption of changes. In this approach, we brought people and their capacity for change to the design phase rather than at the tail end of the projects.

Change is changing because…

Change is changing because its pace and its nature is changing. Internet adoption outpaced telephone adoption by one-third of the time and mobile phone even faster adoption rate! The increased consumers expectation, higher competition, further globalisation and finally continuous disruptive innovations are changing the change landscape. Change is now our constant companion!

3:30 – 3:45pm

Afternoon Tea

3:45 – 4:30pm

Louise Ledbrook


Close – Wrap up and review and action planning table discussions.

Pre- Sale Price

All 3 Days: $1000+GST (First 50) or Book One Day Only



18 October
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