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Change Leadership

9 June 2016 @ 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

The only thing that is constant in business is change. However, organisations are still unable to lead change successfully! Research statistics from McKinsey & Co., Harvard, IBM and Towers Watson all point to the fact that only 30% of change initiatives succeed. These results haven’t changed in the last 40 years.

So what needs to change?

Delivering sustainable change is complex. And it won’t always go to plan. However, often it is not the tangible outcomes that are our greatest challenge – it is having a change ready culture and the most effective leadership so sustainable change is secured.

A new competitor, a new platform, or a new way of working can pop up ‘seemingly’ overnight and ‘take off’ with such force that if you are not able to adapt with the same velocity or better than your competitors, you find yourself lagging behind. Continually trying to play catch-up or scrambling to find a new competitive advantage and bring it to market isn’t a long term, successful business strategy.

At this highly interactive event, our objective is to challenge your thinking around how to lead change effectively. We want to inspire you with stories of great leadership and cutting edge thought leadership that have created change ready and agile organisations.

Some of the questions we want to address at this event are:

  • • How do you successfully lead sustainable change?
  • • How do you know if your team’s highly engaged and best able to quickly adapt and
    respond to change?
  • • What’s the best way to create and sustain an organisational culture that is change
    ready and able to withstand and thrive through constant change?
  • • Whether part of a transformational change program or a continuous improvement
    initiative, what does being a great leader of change look like?
  • • What are the foundations and values expressed by leaders of sustainable and
    successful change?

This event is about having a conversation, rather than just presentations. After each panel discussion, you can facilitate a discussion at your table so attendees can learn from each other as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to be part of the change you want to see in your organisation.

Why Attend?

  •  Learn from practical case studies and model behaviours of leaders who have found success in delivering sustainable change in their business.
  • Enable your stakeholders to learn from each other through a group discussion at your table after every panel.
  •  Learn skills and take away the tools that you can use in your organisation to ensure that you are agile enough to respond to and lead change.
  •  Discuss barriers to change and learn from thought leaders on how to address them.
  •  Engage your team to create a change ready culture.


9:00 am: Welcome
Muneesh Wadhwa – Founder Humanity in Businessmuneesh-wadhwa





Louise Ledbrook – Founder and CEO Pro SMARTlouise ledbrook





Michelle Gibbings – Founder and Director Change Meridianmichelle gibbings



9:15 am: Cushioning the impact – the foundations of delivery success.

Rick Woods – Group GM, Energy Australia
Emotional Connection in Driving Sustainable Changerick woods

It’s one thing to come and tell an organisation everything that’s wrong and everything that needs fixing, but almost always a business is in the predicament it is for some good reason.

To build a coalition of the willing, it is important that individuals in the organisation don’t feel humiliated about being “Where they Are” so acknowledgement and reconciliation of the history is important.

The challenge from that point is to achieve buy in to the challenge ahead. Making the case for change and overlaying what’s in it for employees is critical.

The glue that holds any change program together is the emotional connection a leader has with his/her team via trust and authenticity which are critical to navigating the many tough times ahead.

James Sheffield – GM Proprietary Lending, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Your role in cushioning the impact of change. How can you be in business and make ethical decisions around change?james sheffield

  • • Compassionate Intention: Checking your motivation and understanding your intention.
  • • Discernment: Ensuring you understand the context of change from a holistic view ; reviewing the
    choices of actions you have and understanding their outcomes; understanding the pro’s and con’s.
  • • Understanding the course of action that is, on balance, and in tune with reality, most likely to yield
    the greatest long-term benefit for others.
  • • Understanding the final check question.


10:30 am: When things go wrong: maintaining authenticity, trust and momentum

David Thurkle – General Manager, EPMO & Workforce Management, NAB Maintaining momentum through uncertaintydavid thurkle

A highly interactive presentation and workshop focused on sharing insights and ideas on how to best maintain momentum when ‘things go wrong’. David will draw on his years of experience to share and discuss techniques to:

  • • Keep stakeholders and the project team engaged and aligned during times of uncertainty and when things go wrong
  • • Inspire and motivate your team in the face of changing circumstances

11:15 am: Morning Tea

11:45 am: Leading the Change – values and actions of a great change leader

Louise Ledbrook – Founder and CEO, Pro SMART
Michelle Gibbings – Founder and Director, Change Meridian
Facilitated Discussion – A highly interactive session leveraging the expertise in the room to draw
out the characteristics of change leadership

Leveraging the wisdom in the room, this session will debate and contrast the characteristics of change leadership:

  • • Identifying the values and actions of a great leader and sponsor of change
  • • Discussing – is a great leader of change different from other leadership styles, or is it the same?
  • • Reflecting on each individual’s skills as a leader, as well as ideas from others in the room.

Walk away with practical ideas and new techniques on what you can do differently and apply in the workplace.

12:30 pm: Lunch with a Purpose

During lunch, we have invited The Funding Network so as a community we can collectively raise funds in real time (live!) for three special community projects. The Funding Network’s high energy events have captured the imagination of thousands of people across Australia. It is live crowd funding, but with real stories, real presenters and a real crowd. In this special, ‘pop-up’ version of TFN, three outstanding grassroots charities – The Malpa Project, Fighting Chance and Raise Foundation – will pitch their inspiring work to the audience for its support. This is ‘feel good’ giving at its best so be prepared to make a difference to people’s lives.

1:30 pm: Being real and honest in our decision making – how to make the tough decisions

Chris Bartlett – Non Executive Director, Mirvac, GBST, Clayton Utz and The Smith Family Making the best decisions while maintaining core values, and securing great progresschris bartlett

Christine will share her practical experience on:

  • How to make tough decisions and ensure continued sponsor and stakeholder support
  • Acquiring the resilience and courage to make tough decisions


Michelle Gibbings – Founder and Director, Change Meridianmichelle gibbings

Drawing on the latest in neuroscience, Michelle will provide insights into the dangers of decision making and the bias that pervades it. Through a facilitated discussion the group will generate ideas on how to remove or mitigate the bias from decision making.


2:30 pm: DNA of change agility – the organisational perspective

To understand the essential elements necessary to embed a culture where you are ready for anything at an organisational level

Nigel Dalton – CIO, REA Group
Understanding Servant Leadership – Mystic Fad or Workable Principle?nigel dalton

When Herman Hesse wrote Journey to the East in 1932, it is doubtful he would have imagined that 80 years on, the underlying mystical themes of his short book about a quest undermined by the loss of the lowly servant Leo would be impacting the management of major corporations.

Igniting passion in people to own change through a leadership model that emphasises listening, observing, and guiding can be a solid solution to ensuring the change sticks. Hesse after all was merely building on 2,500 year old Taoist foundations of leadership – where the highest form of leadership is observable when the people say “we did this ourselves”.

Alicia Aitkin – Chief Project Officer, Telstra
Building Momentum for Transformational Changealicia aitkin

In a world where change is constant the modern day worker is accustomed to the idea that change will happen. However, when leading transformational change the challenge remains on how to achieve simultaneous change in the same direction at scale. In this discussion Alicia will share with us the power of tapping into emotions and using the power of this tool to ignite the fire that will propel transformational change.

Alicia will draw on her experiences working across industry as well as her current role at Telstra leading the transformational change journey to world class project delivery capability.

Yung Ngo – GM NSW/ACT, Westpac Premiumyung ngo
The importance of ‘Purpose’ – never forget your purpose, the true north for change

  • • Leaders can’t just be adaptable to change, leaders need to ‘design’ change
  • • The importance of external focus
  • • Stress test your success to be ahead of the curve
  • • Go bold and ambitious vs safe and incremental]

3:30 pm: Afternoon Tea

4:00 pm: Thought Leaders Panel

Jesper Lowgren – Principal Management Consultant, Telstra
A new paradigm – How to think and act like a disruptor:jesper lowgren

  • • Nature and anatomy of a digital competitive advantage (it is much more than digital marketing)
  • • Why Purpose is becoming essential to sustainable change
  • • How to design and build a purpose-led operating model designed to prosper in change and disruption

Michael Bunting – CEO, Worksmart
The Role of Mindfulness in Leading Changemichael bunting

  • • How our Insecurities both drive us to change and be our biggest block to change
  • • Getting over “Sunk Cost” bias
  • • The single most important mindset for any change leader

Roma Gaster – Director & Global Partner, The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific
Remaining Relevant in Times of Complexity & Changeroma gaster

Most leaders admit that there is an uncomfortable, growing gap between the rate at which change and complexity is expanding and their capacity to creatively adapt. The current global, economic, cultural, environmental, and political challenges prompt a deeper enquiry into a better way forward.

  • • Why are our previous ways of thinking and leading no longer capable of encompassing the level
    of interdependence and complexity we face?
  • • What does it take for our leadership to match the complexity of our role and working environment?
  • • How does evolving from the inside out help us to develop agility of mind and leadership
    effectiveness regardless of context?

5:00 pm: Orchestrating the change and next steps

Michelle Gibbings – Founder and Director, Change Meridian
Louise Ledbrook – Founder and CEO, Pro SMART

A discussion on how you bring all these elements together so that you can successfully land change in a complex environment.

A facilitated panel discussion with audience.

5:20 pm: Closing Remarks 

Yvonne Butler, CEO, Australian Institute of Project Management

Muneesh Wadhwa – Humanity in Business

5:30 pm: Celebratory Drinks



$600 inc GST per person

Corporate Sponsor
$3400 inc GST for table of 8
(Includes branding on event flyer, table with signage, branding at venue)

If budget is a challenge, please drop us an email and let us know how much you can afford!


Thought Leaders

Dr. Alicia Aitken

Chief Project Officer, Telstraalicia aitkin

“I am passionate about pure mathematics and people. The fascination with humanity is multifaceted but combines to feed my driving passion; to create opportunities for people to lead more exciting and fulfilling lives than they had dreamed possible.”

Christine Bartlett

Non Executive Director
Mirvac, GBST, Clayton Utz and The Smith Familychris bartlett

”I seem to have a track record of taking on tough jobs throughout my executive career. Whether I am crazy or courageous I like the sense of achievement from taking on a challenge and making a difference. I like teamwork and creating the climate for teams to thrive. There is something very exciting about the energy and ideas that come from a committed, dedicated, and hardworking team.”


Michael Bunting

CEO Worksmartmichael bunting

”I am and always will be passionate about the art of self knowledge and developing a kind of awareness that brings compassion, wonder and wisdom to all it touches. My work in leadership is all about supporting leaders to rediscover their finest qualities and help them do exactly the same for their people.”

Nigel Dalton

CIO REA Groupnigel dalton

”I believes that making technology work forpeople in this turbulent, web-speed era is possible – with careful attention to some obscure parts of our industrial past, and by making organisations resilient to the quirks of the new means of production, since land, labour and capital have been demoted, and entrepreneurship has won out. Curiosity about how the work works, is what gets me out of bed every morning.”

Roma Gaster

Director & Global Partner
The Leadership Circle Asia Pacificroma gaster

”My passion lies in opening up the deeper conversation that leaders have not previously had, are often hungry to have and have not yet realised they long for. Conversations about “Who am I being in this moment?’, “How am I choosing to show up for what matters most?‘ “How do I get out of my own way in order to become more effective?’.“Am I creating an environment for others to flourish?’ … This is truly privileged work.”

Michelle Gibbings

Founder and Director
Change Meridian, and author of
Step Up: How to build your influence at workmichelle gibbings

“Change happens. Make it work for you. That’s the motto by which I live my life. To me change isn’t a process. It’s about critical moments, and knowing the turning points to take within those moments. I’m passionate about helping organisations, teams and individuals succeed in complex, changing environments.”

Louise Ledbrook

Founder and CEO Pro SMARTlouise ledbrook

“I have spent my entire career delivering change for customers and their teams. I love it!I am passionate about finding innovative and streamlined ways to leverage past experiences to create the best outcomes for the people involved. By continually challenging and building upon our knowledge and effectively applying our lessons, we empower our people to add more value and open up opportunities for innovation and creativity.”

Jesper Lowgren

Digital and Business
Transformation Thought
Leader and Principal Management Consultant, Telstrajesper lowgren

“My passion comes alive from applying my gift to the digital world. I make a radical difference to how organisations operate, for the betterment of owners, employees, stakeholders, community, and the economy as a whole. I create new business operations models, designed for change and disruption, to thrive in the digital world.”

Yung Ngo

State General Manager
(NSW/ACT), Premium Banking
Westpac, Chair of Asian Leadership EAG, Westpac Groupyung ngo

“I’m passionate about leading organisational change to drive business success. In managing any business, I subscribe to my simple principles of 3 Ps: stay true to your Purpose, invest and develop in People to drive strong sustainable Performance.”

James Sheffield

General Manager
Proprietary Lending Support,
Commonwealth Bank of Australiajames sheffield

“To ensure I try to authentically and consistently represent myself at home and work in the same way and try to consider others in all actions I take.”

David Thurkle

General Manager
EPMO & Workforce Management NABdavid thurkle

“I am passionate about harnessing the power of people to create and deliver meaningful change. This passion is based on the belief that through encouraging the development of others, creating an environment where diversity of thought and opinion are valued and then empowering and backing your people, great things can be achieved.”

Muneesh Wadhwa

Founder Humanity in Business &
CEO, Quay Collaboratemuneesh-wadhwa

”Organisations that can authentically build a sense of community within their culture create an environment of trust and care, which is critical to collaboration and innovation.”

Rick Woods

Group GM Energy Australiarick woods

“I’m passionate about building high performing teams and watching individuals grow as a result.”


Yvonne Butler

CEO, Australian Institute of Project ManagementYvonne-Butler

I am a passionate advocate for ensuring sustainable change through impactful project leadership and project management. Each year around Australia we are delivering billions of dollars’ worth of projects spanning every industry sector, so I find it highly rewarding to see the results of our work which include having knowledgeable and competent people in the right jobs to deliver these projects successfully.


$600 inc GST per person

Corporate Sponsor
$3400 inc GST for table of 8
(Includes branding on event flyer, table with signage, branding at venue)

If budget is a challenge, please drop us an email and let us know how much you can afford!


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9 June 2016
8:00 am - 5:30 pm