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Customer Centric Leadership

15 March

Customer Centric Leadership – Creating Sustainable Business Outcomes

Sydney, March 15, 2017

For decades, customers of large corporations have been resigned to receiving mediocre customer service from some of the largest brands in the business. In the search for constant revenue growth and improved efficiencies, organisations seem to have forgotten to art of customer care and putting the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Most companies have every intention of delivering great service to their clients but seem to have overlooked the fact that it is extremely challenging to have happy customers if you don’t have the leaders and a culture that is passionate about helping clients.

Thanks to digital disruption, large organisations are scrambling to improve how they engage with the customers to meet challenges from highly innovative and nimble start ups.

We believe that without a great culture and great leadership, true customer centricity is simply a great concept.

So how are organisations transforming the way they engage their customers? What is the change in mindset required to be more responsive to customers? How are they aligning internal and external stakeholders to demonstrate authenticity?

Each of the presenters will be in discussion with our hosts, Vaughn Richtor, exCEO of ING Direct and Silvia Kmetova, Founder, Bright Cherry, for the day to ensure a series of engaging conversations.

The day is focused on having a conversation with thought leaders versus them presenting.
Attendees have a chance to discuss the content presented after each speaker in a group discussion at their table.
Your team can come together for a day to discuss how to implement the ideas in the context of your organisation.


9:00 – 9.10: Welcome

Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder, Humanity in Business





9.10- 9.15, Customer centricity at Post – Creating a Movement for Change, Mathew Galt, Head of Strategy (Corporate)

Australia Post

  • Applying human centred design and startup principles to seed and scale customer centricity within an operational environment
  • To seed a customer centric culture in a front line operating environment it is essential for all levels of management to model the required behaviours
  • Design tools and systems for customer feedback with the employee experience as the first priority
  • True change is best achieved through a workforce led movement, rather than a top down management initiative

What does customer centric leadership mean to me?

‘‘To me customer centric leadership is about empowering those people who have the greatest connection to the customer, with the support, tools and systems needed to continuously improve the customer experience.”

9:55am – 10:40am   Creating Harmony Amidst Chaos

Damien La Caze, Group GM
True Alliance (Lacoste, Nautica, Kipling, Ben Sherman)

How creating a culture based on; everyday leadership; continuous learning; and generating positive experiences can help to align passion with purpose, and get results.

With only 3 months into the new strategic plan, we have already seen following results:

Total business is currently tracking +33% to last year with a smaller footprint

The team are happier, more engaged and retention has improved

Key stakeholders are providing positive feedback on the dealings with the brand team for the first time in years

There is an unmistakable energy that is being created around the brand internally within Ben Sherman, lots of enquiring onlookers asking “what’s going on in Ben Sherman?!!”

What does customer centric leadership mean to me?

‘‘To successfully employ customer centric leadership within an organisation requires redefining both the term customer and the concept of leadership.

In our business we have broadened the definition of customer to include all team mates; all support networks; and all suppliers, in addition to the customers walking into our stores; and the retailers entering our showrooms. Essentially we take the view that any person coming into contact with the brand, both directly and indirectly is a customer.

We have also redefined the concept of leadership, more specifically endorsing the belief that leadership is about valuing the small things we do every day that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

By adjusting who we view as our customer to include everyone and recalibrating our definition of leadership to encompass all of those moments where we create value for those around us, the basic concept of customer centric leadership becomes clear.

At its most simple customer-centric leadership is about empowering each member of the team to have a positive impact on everyone’s day.”

10:40am – 11:00am MORNING TEA

11:00am – 11:45am Value, Trust and Empathy: Solving for the Customer Kaitlin Stoddard, Head of Service
ANZ, HubSpot

We pride ourselves in creating strong and meaningful relationships with our customers. An established relationship naturally builds trust, allowing us to push our customers and challenge them when necessary to ensure they see success. We strive to deliver above and beyond expectations, and are always looking for opportunities to surprise and delight. This mindset and way of working with our customers often creates very happy customers which directly results in higher retention, upsells and evangelists.

As a leadership team in the Sydney office, we are measured based off the success of the office, our individual team results, customer NPS, and internal NPS. We are an innovative office and live by the motto “try now and ask for forgiveness later” which has led to the development of some great new programs that have been rolled out globally. A lot of key changes do stem out of headquarters, but we don’t always wait on HQ to make key strategic changes, we learn by trial and error – learning for ourselves & succeeding for ourselves.

  • Establishing trust
  • Creating relationships
  • Delivering above and beyond expectations – adding value
  • Tangible examples / storytelling
  • What makes a good account manager
  • Where it can go wrong
  • Upselling
  • Creating an aligned team vision


What does customer centric leadership mean to you?

‘‘Customer centric leadership creates a purpose and direction for solving for the customer through value, trust and empathy. First, we solve for the customer; second, we solve for the company; third, we solve for the team; and last, we solve for ourselves. It is essential to put oneself in the mindset of the customer, to understand the customer and the customer’s business from his or her unique point of view, and to strive to deliver above and beyond the customer’s expectations. Equally important is leading your team to believe in that vision and to strive to add value for our customers. By solving for the customer, we drive excellent results and organically create a unique culture of value, trust and empathy.”

11.45am – 12.30pm Delivering an Insanely Customer Centric Culture

Gary Edstein, CEO & Oceania VP
DHL Express

DHL Express is on a mission to have the most insanely customer centric culture (ICCC) globally. An internal change program of the same name has been rolled out globally with a number of local adaptations to suit the Australian market.

As Oceania CEO, Gary Edstein leads the charge in developing local strategies across all areas of the business to ensure that customers really are at the heart of everything DHL does. This includes:

  • Training and development sessions to create Certified International Specialists
  • Adapting the ICCC philosophy to suit different functional areas
  • Leading from the front – ensuring senior leaders spend a significant portion of their time in the field

What does customer centric leadership mean to you?
‘‘Ensuring that everyone in the business understands the individual role they play to drive success as a whole.’’

12:30pm – 1.15pm   LUNCH

1:15pm – 2:00pmWhat is the Single Most Powerful Predictor of Sustained Business Success? A Customer Centric Culture.

Dr. Linden Brown, Chairman

Market Culture Strategies

Key points for the keynote:

The factors that drive customer experience leadership – a proven framework based on extensive research

How to measure your team’s customer culture and capability to lead customer experience improvements

The key attributes of customer-centric leaders and how they act

What does customer centric leadership mean to you?

‘‘Customer centric leaders believe that “what’s best for the customer is best for the business’. They act as role models with their interactions with customers and their decisions designed to improve customer value and experience. They create a collaborative team environment that supports a customer mindset and behaviours

– a customer culture – in all people and and across all functions in the business that leads to consistently superior customer experience. They understand how this drives sustainable business performance.’’

2:00pm – 2:55pm Driving Change in the Sales Organisation through Customer Centric Thinking. John Simeone, Head of Business & Government Sales Qantas

  1. Getting to know customers better through insight
  2. Using technology to improve speed and ease of service
  3. Investing in service culture


What does customer centric leadership mean to you?
‘‘Customer centric leadership at the Qantas Group has been a big part of our transformation. Its involved getting to know our customers even better through insights, seen us invest in technology that support the customer experience and seek to enhance our service culture.’’

2:55pm – 3:40pm

3:40pm – 4:00pm

Creating Customers for Life through Authenticity, Empowerment, Passion and Action

Silvia Kmetova, Founder
Bright Cherry

This keynote will take us through case studies deep diving into some specific characteristics of various entrepreneurs and the results it creates for their customers as well as their bottom line.

We will explore customer centric leadership qualities such as authenticity, empowerment, passion and action and how they result into an outside-in attitude (view from customers’ perspective) rather than an inside-out attitude (company perspective).

Customer centric business leaders see these characteristics as common sense. Yet, these are qualities that are not always so easily replicated across all organisations.

What does customer centric leadership mean to you?
‘‘To me, customer centric leadership is about the ability to pass on a true understanding of why we do what we do.”

4:00pm – 4:45pm

How We Use Culture and Technology to Engage Employees Jeremy Ing, Senior Director
Employee Success, ANZ – Salesforce

Salesforce has been achieving some incredible business results. They are the fastest growing of the world’s Top 10 enterprise software companies, have been one of Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies in the World for the last five years, and a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For the seven years in a row.

Surely you can imagine how growing that fast puts a strain on your culture. Getting big without losing your soul is no small challenge.

Salesforce gets a lot of questions from their customers and other companies about how they are doing it, and they’re happy to share.

The secret? Easy – It’s their incredibly engaged employees. They are at the heart of the company’s success.

We all know these people. They show up every day wearing a cape, ready to do anything it takes to get their job done and also willing to dive in and help others. That

description fits the vast majority of our employees here at Salesforce.

4:45pm – 5:30pm     Leadership Panel Discussion

Throughout the day, we will be hearing incredible stories of how Customer Centric Leadership transformed organisations from good to great. In the panel discussion, we will be deep diving into leaders’ personal experience and what is it that they had to acquire and give up on their personal journeys.

Some areas we will cover:

  1. At what point and how did you as a business realise that you need to improve in Customer Centricity? What were the key drivers?
  2. What were some of the changes you had to make as a leader and how did this influence your personal leadership journey?
  3. What’s been your biggest challenge or a set back?
  4. What was the support you needed along the way and what helped you the most to get there?
  5. What do you think is the best way to sustain a great customer centric culture?

Particularly as businesses grow, mature or need to cut back?

Michael Ellies, CEO, Smartsalary

What does customer centric leadership mean to you?
Customer centric leadership is about communicating vision and purpose and aligning people, process and technology to deliver a consistent, efficient and industry-leading service that delights customers and drives long term loyalty

Chris Kenny, Head of Customer Experience – ING Direct

What does customer centric leadership mean to you?
Customer Centric Leadership mainly means, listening to customers and acting on what matters most to them to continually improve. It all starts with inspiring the organisation to have a genuine sense of pride, in light of the fact that “customers will only love your company as much as your employees do.”
Anouche Newman, CEO, Customer Service Institute of Australia

Closing Remarks
Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder
Humanity in Business


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15 March