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Humanity in Marketing

18 September 2015 @ 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Creating Authentic, Values Based Brands

9.00 am – 5.00 pm Friday 18 September 2015
Doltone House, Pyrmont –

“If “Marketing 1.0” was a product-focused enterprise born of the Industrial Revolution, and “Marketing 2.0” was a customer-focused effort leveraging insights gained from information technology, then Kotler says marketing’s latest incarnation must do even more. It must engage people in ways that provide “solutions to their anxieties to make the globalized world a better place.” Practitioners must, as never before, understand and respond to the values that drive customer choice”

Phillip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Chicago

Humanity in Business is proud to present to you the Humanity in Marketing & Media Summit showcasing the new paradigm of leadership that is striving to create truly authentic, customer centric brands.

A new breed of leaders in the marketing and media industry is beginning to emerge. This leader is driven by a need to create authentic relationships with customers and in doing so, is creating game changing strategies around how products & services are taken to market.

These leaders are passionate about creating brands that truly care about the consumer and are striving to make a link between their personal values, organisational values and the values of the customer.

Authentic leaders are interesting in creating a more meaningful brand that stands for purpose beyond just profit. These leaders are driven by the idea of servant leadership and consider people, planet as well as profit at the heart of everything they do.

Our objective is to create a paradigm shift in how organisations engage their customers and the importance of developing authentic leadership within the marketing industry to enable sustainable and customer centric business outcomes.

We hope you can join us to be inspired around how you can create a shift in your leadership and culture within your organisation to create a more authentic brand.

“The importance of corporate behaviour is amplified by this one solid fact: almost all Australians – 95% in fact, believe that a company has responsibilities far beyond profit delivery.”The Australian Business Purpose Study 2013 by The SHIFThttp://www.shift.com.au/client/Shift/The_Australian_Business_Purpose_Study_2013.pdf
ami amp ING kelly neuropower nrma
optus shlinshot unilever UTS virgin


9 am: Welcome
Muneesh Wadhwa – Founder Humanity in Business
Darren Woolley – Chair AMIdarren-woolley




9.30 am: Walking the Talk – What it means to be a Values Based Leader.simon-rutherford

Simon Rutherford- CEO, Slingshot Media & HiB Board Member


• Being clear on your why…why are you in business? Setting a clear vision and mission that touches, moves and inspires you and your people.
• Being vulnerable…what does being vulnerable with your people or with clients actually mean?
• Embedding humanity into the culture…examples of how we’ve done this.
• Transparency…what does it mean to be transparent in your dealings?
• The challenges…it’s not easy, so what are the challenges of bringing humanity into the workplace?
• Providing flexibility…how do we manage flexible work situations for parents returning to work?
• Outcomes…what are the business outcomes?

In discussion with Jenny Willits, GM, J. Walter Thompson Sydney

10.00 am: Why Honesty, Integrity and Transparency Work.jenny-willits

Jenny Willits, General Manager, J. Walter Thompson Sydney

I have often wondered why people insist on not applying the same values they place on personal relationships as they do on those in business. Surely what creates the best relationships in our personal lives provides a lesson in how to connect with people in our business lives? How by aligning on similar values and using those as the principles of engagement, we:

• Bring quicker solutions to client briefs and feedback
• Better ideas
• Create long term and enduring partnerships, all underpinned by trust and respect.

10.30 am: The Challenges of Leading and Creating a Purposeful Brandvaughn richtor

Vaughn Richtor, CEO ING Direct
• How culture can deliver a competitive advantage
• Aligning individual purpose with organisational purpose for true engagement
• How purpose delivers a sustainable business

In discussion with David Scribner, Virgin Mobile

11.00 am: Morning Tea Break

11.15 am: Rebuilding Brand Trust in a Category which had Lost its Waytyrone-oneill

Tyrone O’Neill, Head of Consumer Marketing. Optus & HiB Board Member
• The Optus story of building brand trust.
• Why being a ‘good guy’ brand doesn’t always pay off, and what’s needed to make it work.
• Brand integrity inside a business, and the role of resilient leadership styles in building an authentic brand.

In discussion with Jana Kotatko, NRMA Motoring

11.45 pm: Built on Purpose – Making what you do More Meaningful to Peoplepaul-connel

Paul Connell – Business Team Leader – Unilever Laundry & Homecare ANZ
• How do you engage with your audience/consumer/teams and is big data really helping get beneath the surface?
• Is there more to people’s lives than the products they buy? Do you truly understand the why as well as the what?
• Why do you do what you do? Do you connect & engage with people differently in business differently vs. your everyday life?

In discussion with Michael Kirsten, Kelly Services

12.15 pm: Lunch Break

1.00 pm: Business as a Force for Gooddavid-scribner

David Scribner, CEO Virgin Mobile
• Is it commercially sustainable?
• Designs solutions around the customer
• Has a purpose to improve the ‘game’ it’s operating in

In discussion with Muneesh Wadhwa, HiB

1.30 pm: “To Help people every day” – Using the Principal of Shared Value to Achieve the Vision of NRMAjana-kotatko

Jana Kotatko, General Manager, Group Marketing Brand & Acquisition, NRMA Motoring
• What shared value means at the NRMA
• Inside out thinking
• The role of leadership
• My personal journey moving from a shareholder based organisation to a mutual

In discussion with Tyrone O’Neill, Optus

2.00 pm: This is Not a Facelift – AMP is Redesigning Insurance Outside-Inmunib-karavdic

Munib Karavdic Director of Design & Innovation, AMP
Moving from current model: Selling policies and paying claims – transaction that focus on customers when they are unwell, into new model: Be there for our customers and their families, when they are well and unwell – and all the stages in between.

In discussion with Anna Byrne, Neuropower Group

2.30 pm: Afternoon Tea Break

2.45 pm: Creating an Authentic Content Strategymichael-kirsten

Michael Kirsten – Head of Global Content, Kelly Services

Kelly’s content marketing strategy is to help our clients with valuable insights and information about HR topics and trends to make better HR decisions that help them to achieve a better business outcome.

Part of this strategy is not to sell our solutions, but to consult our clients and equip them with the right tools to make better decisions. Being authentic as the company we are (with our history, our expertise and also our own internal learnings) our content marketing strategy is driven by being “true” to our clients and practicing honesty and transparency in all we do and in all of our marketing efforts. We are generous in sharing our knowledge and have the success of our clients in mind first.

This is basically the essence that I also learned about leadership. If you stay honest to yourself, being authentic in your leadership, transparent in your actions and supporting to others – your own success will come. Kelly’s content marketing efforts got numeric shout outs in the past such as:

• The Killer Content Marketing Award by Demand Gen
• Selected as one of the Top 50 Content Marketing Brands to follow by Kapost
• Our Content Marketing model was also used by the Corporate Executive Board as reference model.

In discussion with Paul Connell – Unilever

3.15 pm: Barriers to Creating Authentic Customer Centric Brands – A Practical Attendee Discussionpaul-f-burke

Dr Paul F. Burke | ARC Research Fellow in Marketing, UTS BUSINESS SCHOOL

Are you asking the right questions in your leadership roles of your employees, clients and customers about things that you may be uncomfortable in hearing about? How can we present our values in different ways in way that are more relevant or even individualistic? Are we equipped to handle changes in our short and long term profit orientation or does this require further reconsideration? How can we overcome uncertainty and scepticism? We will draw on observations of the fashion industry where it has recently been asserted that issues of transparency are coming at companies, whether they like it or not, and that change can be inspired by creating competition between them. This session provides a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas and share your experiences with peers at your table.

In discussion with Darren Woolley, AMI

3.45 pm: The Ethics of Irrationality: How Behavioural Economics is redefining what it means to “do the right thing” – A Practical Attendee Discussionanna-byrne

Anna Byrne & Peter Burow, Neuropower Group

Every day, people around the work – consumers, employees and leaders – make profoundly irrational decisions, often to the detriment of themselves and others. Why? For the past three decades, behavioural economists have worked to answer this question. The resulting body of knowledge is not only shedding light on the logic behind the apparent madness, but also shaping contemporary views about the responsibility of organisations to act in an ethical way that takes into account the way our brains make decisions. In this practical, engaging session, Peter Burow and Anna Byrne from Neuropower Group will share stories of some of the key areas where behavioural economics is being used to fundamentally change how forward-thinking organisations are operating. With experience and real-life examples from ethical marketing, teaming and performance management, this session will increase your awareness of how cognitive bias drives decision-making and how you, as a leader, can respond and drive improved results in your organisation.

Applying the insight ‘back home. This is a guided exercise to help delegates explore the impact of
behavioural economics and the evolving definition of ethics in their own organisations.

In discussion with Lee Tonitto, AMI

4.15 pm: Thought-Leaders Discussion: Overcoming the Challenges of Creating an Sustainable, Values Based Brandtyrone-oneill

Facilitated by Tyrone O’Neill, Optus
The creation of sustainable, authentic and values based brands faces many challenges within organisations. Other agendas often become obstacles to achieving this objective. How can we, as marketers support and encourage the process? What practical steps can marketers take, either collectively or individually to support and champion this goal within businesses, organisations and in the wider community?

David Scribner, CEO Virgin Mobile
Jana Kotatko, General Manager, Group Marketing Brand & Acquisition, NRMA
Simon Rutherford, CEO, Slingshot Media
Dr Paul F. Burke, Deputy Director of CenSoC, UTS BUSINESS SCHOOL
Anna Byrne, Neuropower Group
Darren Woolley, CEO, Trinity P3

4.45 pm: Parting Thoughts

Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder, Humanity in Business
Darren Woolley, Chair, AMI


Simon Rutherfordsimon-rutherford

CEO, Slingshot Media

”I’m passionate about people, about helping people express themselves creatively and about seeing people realise their true potential. These days I get the most joy out of helping and seeing others grow and solving business problems with very creative solutions. I’m also passionate about bringing spirituality into the workplace.”

Jenny Willitsjenny-willits

General Manager,
J. Walter Thompson Sydney

”I’m passionate about the effect of open and collaborative leadership in getting the best out of people through promoting partnership and transparency.”

Michael Kirstenmichael-kirsten

Head of Global Content,
Kelly Services

”I am passionate about any kind of change in life. No matter if it’s at work or in my private life. Building something new and making it a success motivates me at work. At the same time I enjoy to guide others through changes at work and help them to adapt and cope with new situations.”

Munib Karavdicmunib-karavdic

Director of Design &
Innovation, AMP

”My personal inspiration: To design innovative product and services for people to help them realise their best lives.”

Jana Kotatkojana-kotatko

General Manager,
Group Marketing Brand & Acquisition, NRMA

”I am passionate about creating an environment where people can do some of the best work of their lives.”

Peter Burrow

Executive Chairman,
Neuropower Group

”I’m passionate about setting up systems and cultures that enable leaders to feed their highest, ethical nature.”

Tyrone O’Neilltyrone-oneill

Head of Consumer
Marketing, Optus

”I believe that leaders also have a deep responsibility to help enable the happiness and well-being of all the people in their organisation, as well as those who operate as partners and customers. We can act in acknowledgement that all people in an organisation are equally important as people, no matter their role or seniority, and they all deserve equal respect.”

Paul Connellpaul-connel

Category Lead – Unilever
Laundry & Homecare ANZ

“I am committed to championing social enterprise without compromise and building businesses/teams founded on a higher purpose. I fundamentally don’t believe there has to be a conflict between positive lasting social impact and commercial growth. In fact I believe the brands and businesses that start with the former are the only ones that will stand the test of time to unlock the latter.”

David Scribnerdavid-scribner

Virgin Mobile

”At Virgin Mobile we are focusing on changing the mobile industry for the better. We believe that we should not just play the game but change it for good. We do this through products designed around the customer and initiatives that support the planet. Our mission and way of operating continues to be ‘making mobile better.”

Anna Bryneanna-byrne

Neuropower Group

”I’m passionate about helping leaders find the key inflexion points that can not only drive strategic outcomes for organisations, but enable themselves and others (internally and externally) to bring their deepest values to life.”

Lee TonittoLee-Tonitto

Australian Marketing Institute

”I am passionate about connected intelligence leading to more creativity, focused reflection and purpose driven performance.”

Dr Paul F. Burkepaul-f-burke

Deputy Director of CenSoC,
UTS Business

”I am inspired to create even more “aha” moments in my research and teaching. I am focused on exploring the barriers to action in various domains, including ethical consumption and technology use. I’m passionate about sharing in the power and development of quantitative methods.”

Darren Woolleydarren-woolley

AMI, Chair Australian Marketing
Insitute & Founder Trinity P3

”I am passionate about the ability of ideas to drive change in the world. But not just the idea itself, but the way people can be galvanised by an idea to align and work to realising the potential of that idea. I am passionate about combining logic and emotions to solve the problems we face in our lives, our work and our relationships. I am passionate about the potential of the written or spoken word to challenge people, to inspire people, to motivate people to question what is and look for what could be. In all aspects of life – business, politics, socially and family.”

Vaughn Richtorvaughn richtor

ING Direct

”I’ve always been passionate about leadership, people, culture and communication. I believe the most important part of my role is developing people and helping them get ahead in life. Every so often I’m asked where I want to be, what I want to have achieved, in five or 10 years’ time. To adapt Sir Isaac Newton’s words: I want to be “standing on the shoulders of giants”. I want to be surrounded by great people doing great things. Because, as leaders, if we truly believe our people are great, it is incumbent on us to get the best out of them and see them achieve, or even exceed, their ambitions.”



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* Student Full Time       $199 + GST

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18 September 2015
9:00 am - 5:30 pm